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Gypsum and prices
Various gypsum (Class 2, 3, 4 and 4+) of Wiegelmann Dental (Germany) and  various  rubber moulds for casting models from gypsum produced by Larident (Italy).
Implanti Implants and prices
Various Alpha Bio (Israel) implant system products - various implants (Spiral implants, Dual Fit implants, Arrow implants, Arrow Press implants, Arrow Press Ball implants), various components for implants (drivers for various implants, implant analogs, titanium screws, caps, plastic abutments, angled abutments, straight abutments, healing abutments, transfers etc.) and various surgical drills.
Keramika Ceramics and prices
Wohlwend Vision Low ceramics and Wohlwend Vision Zirkon products produced by Wohlwend (Switzerland).
Akrila_zobi Acrylic teeth and prices
Artificial acrylic teeth produced by Eray Delux (Germany/Тurkey), which are made by the method of triple perfusion.  At ERAY DELUX teeth’s  manufacturing process used acrylic hybrid materials, which increases resistance of artificial teeth. Teeth have good color fluorescence, good compatibility with the colour panel Vita Classic.
Atacmenti Attachments and prices Various attachments (for fixation of prostheses, supported arc prosthesis, fixators for attachments etc.) produced by  Microtecnor (Italy) and MK1 (Germany).


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