About Us
Par_mums_250x166SIA "Zobu tirgotava" was founded in 2007, July 13.
SIA''Zobu tirgotava’’ offers  high quality products for dental technicians. We offer  to buy  products for dental technicians from Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

In our shop You can buy S & S Scheftner (Germany), Megadental (Germany), Ankatit Anka (Germany), Adentatec (Germany), Picodent (Germany), Wiegelmann Dental (Germany), Mors (Germany), Dedeco (Germany), MK1 ( Germany), Sher (Germany), Polirapid (Germany), Denseo (Germany), Larident (Italy), Major (Italy), Mariotti (Italy), Manfredi (Italy), Microtecnor (Italy), Wohlwend (Switzerland) producer goods. SIA''Zobu tirgotava’’ offers  to buy  investment compounds for crowns, bridges and supported arc prosthesis; alloys for metal-ceramics and supported arc prosthesis; gypsum (different classes); acrylics - cold polymerization  denture acrylics with plastic phase, hot polymerization denture acrylic with a short polymerization time, light hardening denture acrylics for individual spoons, self-hardening denture acrylics for individual spoons; dublicating materials for gypsum, supported arc prosthesis, plastic-casting method and investment compounds; various types of waxes (dipping, milling, esthetic, base, modeling etc.), wax wire on spool, adhesive sticks; various materials for processing and polishing (glass beads, Aluminum Oxide, Bimshtein’s powder, brushes, discs etc.); various isolation and auxiliary materials for ceramics, waxes, surface tension releasing agents, gingival masks, various pins and laboratory instruments for dental technicians, artificial acrylic teeth, Wohlwend Vision Low ceramics and Wohlwend Vision Zirkon products, equipments and attachments for dental technicians.
In case of uncertainty, we gladly will give you advice on products that interest You.

With the best wishes, SIA ‘’Zobu tirgotava'' director Rinalda Višņevska.